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Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams, Ansel Adams and the West, Old Faithful Geyers 1941-42
Artist's Biography - Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams was born in West San Francisco in 1902 at his parents' home. He was very talented. At the age of thirteen he began to study piano and he continued to play and teach throughout his life. He became interested in photography after he and his family visited Yosemite National Park in California. He took many snapshots of the family and Yosemite scenes, and he enjoyed expressing himself through photography. He wanted to learn more about photography and how to print photos, so he got a job in a photo finishing shop. During this time he learned the business, taught piano, and photographed as a hobby on the side. He learned the art of photography through many years of practice and experimenting.

In 1926 his photos were discovered by a well known art patron named Albert Bender. Through Bender, Adams gained his reputation as a well known photographer. Adams photos are of historical scenes mainly in California, places such as Yosemite, Point Lobos, and Carmel. Adams was very patient with nature. He would wait for hours until he had the exact amount of light that would make the photography exactly how he desired. His photos are timelss and still loved around the world. Prior to his death, he had the pleasure few artists have of seeing his works auctioned for large sums of money. Ansel Adams died quietly in the hospital on April 24, 1984.
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